This genius iPhone 7 case would give you back the headphone jack Apple removed

Fuze Case

Apple may have killed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, but a new, sleek case is trying to bring it back.

“What people put into their own ear holes is a very personal choice, and it’s a choice we should all get the chance to make — not one that should be made for us,” Diego Prince, a hardware developer from Austin, Texas, said in a video announcing the cases, which would be made for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Prince and his cofounder Troy Osinoff just launched an Indiegogo campaign, saying they plan to ship in December if the campaign reaches its goal. “Early Bird” backers can reserve one case for $49 plus shipping.

According to the campaign site, the Fuze takes the adapter dongle that Apple included with the iPhone 7 and builds it directly into the case, restoring the 3.5 mm headphone jack. It also has an extended battery pack and, as most cases should, protects the phone from damage if it’s dropped.

The battery pack would provide about extra eight hours of power, according to Prince.
The idea for the case is already getting plenty of positive feedback on Product Hunt, a site frequented by techies looking for the latest gadgets and software.

Prince is trying to raise $60,000 in the next month for Fuze, which he says will be spent on prototyping, testing, and shipping, with the goal of getting it to backers around Christmastime. But as with any crowdfunding effort, there are risks involved — namely that Fuze wouldn’t ship by its expected date, or at all.

Still, it’s an interesting concept that frustrated Apple fans may get behind.

“We do have an incredibly tight deadline,” Prince told Business Insider, though he said he is confident that he can deliver the cases on schedule.

Apple chooses Battersea Power Station for new London HQ



Apple has settled on a new base of operations in London: Battersea Power Station. The iconic landmark, situated on the Southwest side of the city, has laid mostly dormant since its closure in 1983. A huge regeneration effort is now underway, however, which will include a mixture of offices, restaurants and stores. Apple has agreed to take six floors inside the central Boiler House, accommodating 1,400 of its workforce. As the Evening Standard reports, this will cover its “central function” staff who are currently based in other offices, such as the one in Hanover Street, Mayfair.

The company will move in 2021, once the bulk of the new campus has been completed. The money involved is a mystery, but the deal has been described as “the largest office letting in London’s wider West End” for the last 20 years. The new space will cover 500,000 square feet, making Apple the largest office tenant in the area. It’ll fit up to 3,000 people, ensuring the company can comfortably hire and transfer more staff down the road if needed. “It’s a great opportunity to have our entire team working and collaborating in one location while supporting the renovation of a neighbourhood rich with history,” an Apple spokesperson said.

If you’re curious, here’s an artist’s impression of the new site:


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