Sell Your Apple Devices To

Planning to sell your apple devices? Selling your device can be an extremely tiring task and if you want to save your time and effort, you can consider our services. We, at tradein buy your iPhone, iPad, and iPods at the best market rate. With our services, you will be able to get the best deal in town. Our major services include:

1.      High customer satisfaction level:

The customers who have used our facilities are highly satisfied with us. We are working day and night to facilitate them in selling their phones. We know that it is difficult to take time out for this task which is why we have created an easy option that can be utilised. You can sell your iPhone, iPod or iPad to us by following a simple procedure. The first step of the procedure includes searching the model of your device on our website. After finding that model, you will be able to sell it. The procedure will be completed after you send your phone to us. We also have a service for this purpose, which is free.

2.      Acceptance of damaged devices:

If you have a damaged or broken apple device, do not worry about it. We also accept damaged devices. All you have to do is to contact us and let us know about the specifications or present condition of the device. Due to this service, you will not have to throw it. We will examine your device and let you know about the price.

3.      Free posting service:

The procedure we follow includes a step in which you have to send us the device, be it a phone or tablet. This can be sent with the help of the free postage service we are providing to facilitate our customers. You can use a post bag or a post label to complete the process.

4.      Convenient payment:

Another thing that we covered includes the ease of payment. Often when you get involved in selling or buying of your phone, you have to go through different payment issues. However, with the services provided by tradein, you will be able to process payments through easy and simple options.

The main payment options that we offer include payment through bank transfers or cheques. All you have to do is to enter your name and we will prepare a cheque for that. As far as the bank transfers are concerned, you have to provide us with the details of your bank account number and we will directly pay you. The payment options can be changed if the payments are not processed.

Selling your iPhone, iPad and iPod was never this easy. We are providing our customers with the best facilities so they can sell their devices with convenience. Avail our services and get the best out of it.