Focus – What’s Involved In Sending Us Your Phone

At, we have helped more than a million customers liberate the cash that’s locked inside their old, unwanted mobile phones. That means that we’ve paid out millions in trade in cash for our customers to spend other things, when it would have otherwise laid dormant in dusty drawers across the country.

One of the main reasons why our trade in services have been so popular is because they are simple, transparent and quick. You always get the price quoted on our website thanks to our Price Promise, payment is always speedy as it’s often paid the same day by direct transfer to your bank and the whole process is free!

In this blog, we take a look at some of the frequently asked questions put to us on a regular basis about what’s involved in sending us your phone. By the end, we hope to provide even greater transparency to further illustrate why trading in your old phone with us is super easy.

So, let’s get cracking!

“How do I send my old phone to be traded in?”

When sending us your mobile for trade in, you’ll usually do it one of two ways. You will either download one of our trade in sales packs from our website or request a freepost jiffy bag which we’ll send to you in the mail. It’s then just a matter of popping in the post to us. You’ll need to send at least the phone, the battery and the back cover for us to proceed with your trade in.

“Do I need to send all of my phone’s accessories?”

You can send all of your phone’s bits and bobs to us if you have them, but it’s not mandatory. We won’t penalise you for not including them, so if you don’t have your phone’s accessories, don’t worry. What you absolutely shouldn’t send to us however, is your memory card or your SIM card. They’re things you need to keep hold off, as they most probably contain personal information, photographs and music. Plus we can’t do a thing with them!

“How will I know when you’ve got my phone?”

As soon as we receive your old phone, we’ll send you an email to confirm it and once it’s processed, you’ll have your cash. Our freepost service also comes with a tracking number and insurance up to £100, so you’re covered either way.

“Can I send more than one phone in the jiffy bag?”

You can, but the maximum per envelope is 2. If you want to send more, you’ll need to contact our customer service department and request extra jiffy bags.

Safe, Secure and Free of Charge

When you send your phone to us, you do so knowing that it’s protected on its journey. You also know that the moment it arrives, we’ll let you know.These have just been a few of our frequently asked questions and if you want to find out more, you can take a look at the FAQ page on our site.

While you’re on our website, you can take a look around and find out more about us, what we do and how more than 98% of the phones we trade in are refurbished and sent to help people in developing countries. If however you’re after some advice, you can call us on 020 3581 1991 between 8am and 5pm Mon-Friday and one of our team will be more than willing to help.

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope you have found it useful and that it illustrates just how easy trading your old mobile is.

We’ll catch you again, next time.

Think You Can’t Trade in Your Old Mobile Because It’s Damaged? Think Again!

We speak to a lot of people in the course of our work and we get hear the thoughts and challenges faced by our customers on a regular basis. One thing that comes up time and again is that many haven’t traded their old mobiles in for extra cash in the past, because they’ve thought that a trade in wasn’t possible as their smartphone was damaged.

Whilst this might very well have been true with many trade in companies online, at, we don’t make that distinction – so we’re not going to automatically reject your phone because it’s damaged. Sure, the level of damage will reduce the price you get for it – you’d expect that – but if the only other option available is to write it off and throw it away, then getting something for it has to be better, right?

No Risk, No Charge

When you send your phone to us, it’s completely free of charge, as we’ll either send you a free stamped addressed jiffy bag for transportation or you can download a trade in pack from our website. Either way, it costs you nothing to try and liberate the cash locked in your phone, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer!

If for whatever reason, we don’t end up processing your tradein or you’re not happy with the money on offer, we’ll simply send your device back to you and there’s no harm done! It’s cost you nothing to try, so why not see if there’s some value in that old smartphone? It could provide you with some unexpected funds to treat yourself or that special someone in your life.

Come and See For Yourself!

We have, to date, paid out over a million pounds in trade in cash to our customers and you could be the next person we help to liquidise the cash in your handheld device. Other benefits you get from trading in with us include:

  • Once your trade in has been approved (usually the same day we get it), your cash can be instantly and directly sent to your bank account with a minimum of fuss
  • Trading in stops your phone ending up in landfill, which is better for the environment
  • After our tradein phones are repaired, more than 98% are refurbished and sent to developing countries, helping to enhance their communications infrastructure

There has never been a better time to trade your phone in to put the cash towards and when it’s so easy to do, what’s stopping you? It has to be better than leaving your old phone to rot in a draw.

If you fancy giving it a go, get yourself over to our website and take a look at exactly what’s involved. If once you’ve done so, you’d like a chat with one of our friendly team to answer any questions you might have, you can do so by calling us on 020 3581 1991 or by using the live chat facility on our home page. So, before you throw away that old, damaged mobile, why not see if you could trade it in? There might just a be a few quid in it for you!