Sell Your Old Smartphone with Confidence with a Trade in Price Promise

When you find yourself in the position where you’ve upgraded your smartphone and you’ve got an old phone you’re no longer using, you’ve got a decision to make. You have the choice of a) keeping it as a back up b) selling it privately or c) using a smartphone trade-in service like ours.

Here we look at each option in isolation to help you decide which is the best route for you to take.

Option #1 – Keeping it As a Back Up

Your first option is to keep hold of your old smartphone in case your new one is lost, damaged or starts to malfunction. Whilst many might see this as a sensible route to take, holding on to your old smartphone is a sure-fire way to ensure that you never get any money out of it. That’s because you’re basically keeping it as it slowly depreciates.

Also, if your old smartphone is a relatively recent model, that’s an awful lot of tech you’re allowing to gather dust in a drawer. And if you have insurance anyway, even if your mobile is lost or stolen, you might not even need it.

Option #2 – Selling it Privately

If you decide against trading your old smartphone in, in favour of selling it privately, then be prepared for a lot of running around and/or waiting around. You could place an advert in your local paper or even list in on an auction site like eBay. Whichever of these private sale options you take, you’ll have to deal with creating listings, taking pictures, fielding queries and this comes with no guarantee that you’ll get a sale either!

Option #3 – Taking the Smartphone Trade-in Route

The last and we believe, easiest and less stressful option to cashing in on your old smartphone, is to use our smartphone trade-in service. That’s because not only is it fast and easy to use, but it’s also a way to get a guaranteed sum for your device. That’s primarily because of our Price Promise that states that we will honour the price offered when you sell your trade-in smartphone to us on our website.

It’s a price that’s protected for 14 days from the point it’s offered so that you’ve got plenty of time to get your device to us. Not only that but if your smartphone reaches us in the condition in which it was described, you’ll get your money directly transferred into your bank as soon as it’s verified and that’s usually the same day!

What to Find Out More?

So, if you’d like to know more about releasing the funds that exist in your old tech, you can find out everything you need to know on our website We’d recommend you take a look at our FAQs section, which is full of answers to commonly posed questions about our service.

Alternatively, if you need any additional advice or guidance, you can get it by talking to our knowledgeable team  who are available on 020 3581 1991 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

We thank you for reading our blog. We hope that it has demonstrated to you that trading in your old smartphone is often the easiest, most relaxed and profitable path to take.

See you next time.