Regretting Upgrading to an iPhone 11? Then Trade it in and Release the Cash Inside!

If you’ve recently upgraded your mobile phone contract to an all-singing, all-dancing iPhone 11 and you’re not getting on with it, you may well have found that you’re not able to return it. Faced with this kind of scenario, you can either put up with it for the next 24 months or you could choose the much more palatable option of using our smartphone trade-in service.

There’s no denying that iPhone 11s are nifty smartphones with lots of features, but they’re not for everyone and our iPhone trade-in website is the perfect way to release the cash inside. With the money that we offer for smartphone trade-ins, you can simply go and buy a smartphone that suits you better and your problem is solved!

“I Won’t Get Much Though, Will I?”

Customers using our smartphone trade-in service often tell us that they’re pleasantly surprised by the amount of cash offered for their old tech and that’s because we pay out more than anyone else online. For example, we’re currently offering £485 for iPhone 11 trade-ins when the condition is good. That’s more than enough to go and buy yourself an adequate non-iPhone replacement.

“How Long Will I Have to Wait for My Cash?”

Some people are put off by the common misconception that smartphone trade-in services like ours will keep you waiting for weeks to get paid for your trade-in tech. That’s absolutely not the case with, as we use bank transfers to pay our customers out, meaning that 9 times out of 10, you’ll get paid out the same day as we receive your device.

“Will You Pay Out 100% of the Offer On Your Website?”

There are some less-scrupulous smartphone trade-in companies out there that entice you in with a great offer and then do everything they can to knock that amount down. We recognise this and offer the peace of mind of the Price Promise that guarantees you the price stated on our site, subject to the device being verified as being in the condition it was sold in.

Enjoy the Freedom to Choose Again

So, if you find yourself in the unenviable position of having an upgraded handset that you don’t really like and the option to return it has gone, why not consider trading it in with us for some cold hard cash. Doing so allows you to free up the funds inside and provides you with the option to choose another smartphone that you do like – something you couldn’t do otherwise.

If you’d like to know how much your smartphone trade-in is worth, simply visit our site and type in the make and model of your phone. If you’re happy with the price offered, all you need to do is complete the ‘sale’ on our site and send it into us for free – it really is that easy.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, we’ll be more than happy to answer them. Simply call us on 020 3581 1991 and you’ll get through to one of our expert engineers who will give you the benefit of their considerable knowledge.

Thanks for reading. We’ll be back with more tips and advice from the home of smart tech trade-ins.

Want Some Extra Cash for Valentine’s Day? It Could Be Hiding in Your Old Smartphone!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you could be wondering how you’re going to pay for that romantic night out. Well, if you’re struggling to work that question out, we’re here to tell you that the answer could be sitting in your cupboard right now in the form of your old smartphone.

At, we offer top prices for smartphone trade-ins and the process to gain access to that cash couldn’t be easier. We’ve enabled over a million people to date to release the cash they have sitting in old iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones right the way across the country.

Sell it, Send it Spend it!

The smartphone trade-in process involves just three simple steps. The first is to visit our website and enter the make and model of your iPhone trade-in or Samsung Galaxy trade-in into the search box on our homepage. If it’s a model that we offer trade-in cash for, you’ll see what we’re willing to offer you for your smartphone trade-in in just a few seconds.

If you’re happy with the offer, all you need to do then is ‘sell it’ on our website and send it to us using the free sales pack that you’ll receive in the post. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for us to verify the condition of your smartphone trade-in as being ‘as described’ and then waiting just a couple of hours to for us to send you your cash via bank transfer.

Your iPhone’s Damaged? No Worries!

Many people end up allowing their old smartphone to simply depreciate in a drawer because it has a cracked screen or a missing button. We urge you to come and find out how much your old broken Samsung Galaxy or iPhone is worth because unlike other companies, we’ll even give you cold hard cash for your old phone even if it’s broken!

No Obligation to Sell

Even after you’ve sold your iPhone trade-in through our website and sent to us through the post, you’re still under no obligation to sell. Right up until the point when you’ve actually been sent your money, you can change your mind without any penalty. We’ll even send your device back to you for free, so you’ve really got nothing to lose.

Have a Valentine’s Night to Remember

So, if you’d like to have a night to remember with that special person in your life this Valentine’s Day, why not head over to and find out just how much you could get for your old smartphone trade-in. Even if you’re reading this just a few days before February the 14th, you’ve still got time, as we pay fast!

Also, if you have any questions you’d like to put to our experienced team, you can contact them by calling 020 3581 1991 or by using the handy chat window on our homepage.

Want to Avoid Waiting Around For Your iPhone X Trade-in Cash?

If you’ve ever traded a smartphone in for cash before, you’ll know that whilst some companies might offer ‘speedy cash for your iPhone X Trade-in, the truth is that getting paid is very often a long way from being speedy. People trade in smartphones for all sorts of reasons, but most of the time, you’re not going to want to be left waiting weeks for your trade-in cash to arrive. Many trade-in companies out there aren’t in any hurry to pay you out and you can often find that your cash arrives by cheque via snail mail (Royal Mail).

Why is Different

First of all, at, we’ve made our smartphone trade-in process super easy on our website. Simply enter the model number and condition of your device and you’ll get an instant price that’s guaranteed – and by that, we mean that if it arrives with us in the condition it has been described as, that’s the price you’ll get – not a penny less.

Sending your iPhone X trade-in is super easy too and it’s free! We don’t think postage should eat into your cash, so we provide a free and secure ‘sales pack’ so that your trade-in gets to us safe and sound. Smartphone trade-ins usually arrive with us in just a couple of days and once it’s in our possession and verified, we’ll transfer your cash immediately and directly into your bank.

Absolutely no messing around waiting for a cheque to drop through your letterbox or the hassle of having to take it into your bank to deposit it. You’ll be spending your cash in no time at all and it’s one of the many reasons we’ve got so many happy past customers.

More than 1,000,0000 Happy Customers

You don’t have to take our word for it that our Smartphone trade-in services are the best around, as we’ve so far helped in excess of 1 million happy customers to free the cash that’s sitting in smartphones, GoPros and even games consoles all across the country. The prices we offer are also extremely competitive, so the question has to be “what are you waiting for?”, so head over to and find out exactly how much you get for your iPhone X Trade-in or any other device you’d like to cash in on.

On our site, we have lots of information about our trade-in service, as well as an FAQs page, but if you still can’t find the info you’re looking for, you can speak to one of our friendly team by calling us 020 3581 1991 during working hours. You can also get in contact via email outside of these hours by dropping us a line to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re open.

With so many happy customers and a same-day payout of your trade-in cash, it’s got to be worth a look at least, right?

Trade in For Cash or Recycle for Free with

The smartphone industry is one that is moves incredibly fast, with the technology becoming ever more sophisticated with every year that passes. This means that those who want to make use of the latest apps, stream the latest 4K films on Netflix or take the best photos need to regularly upgrade to the latest model.

Whilst upgrading is something that will provide the necessary processing power and extra megapixels people are looking for, there is a less than desirable side effect. That’s because it results in an awful lot of unneeded, unused and unloved mobiles sitting in dusty drawers across the country.

The good news is that there is an alternative to this scenario.

Release the Value

Now, it may or may not come as a surprise to you that there is some real cash sitting in many unused smartphones and it’s cash that you can release with minimal effort by using our trade in services. It’s super easy, free to do and something we’ve helped over a million people achieve that since we started business. That’s literally millions and millions of pounds in trade in cash!

Help Others Less Fortunate

Another great thing you’ll be doing by trading your smartphone in with us is helping people in developing countries and here’s why. The vast majority of the phones we receive are refurbished and then sent for people in Africa and Asia to use and whilst you might think of it as a bit of surplus tech, your device could transform someone else’s life. Smartphones come with so many useful features that it provides social and economic mobility to people who otherwise just wouldn’t have it.

Free Recycling

Trading in a smartphone also prevents tech like yours from ending up being recycled improperly or even worse, ending up in landfill. As great as smartphones are, they’re full of materials that don’t exactly biodegrade, meaning they’re bad for the environment.

In fact, if you have an old mobile that’s so old it can’t be traded in for cash, we’re still happy to take your device off your hands and recycle it for free. We’re nice like that.

Like to Find Out More?

So, if you’ve got an old smartphone that you think might have some money locked inside, why not come and visit us online at and see what yours might be worth. Simply search for your mobile on our site, ‘sell’ it on our website and send it to us with one of our free trade in sales packs. With a process this simple, what’s stopping you?

If you have any problems doing so or you simply want some advice from our friendly experts, give us a call on 020 3581 1991 and they’ll do anything and everything they can to help.

Thanks for reading our blog. Check back with us soon for more tips and advice on releasing the value in your old tech.

Search, Sell, Send – Trading Your Old Smartphone Really is That Easy!

Word has gotten around in recent years that good money can be made from trading in an old smartphone for some extra cash. However, a lot of people don’t bother trying, feeling like it is more trouble than it’s worth. It’s such a shame though, as at, we have made the smartphone trade in process super easy, meaning that it’s not only simple to do, but it involves almost no effort on the part of our customers.

Search, Sell, Send

Step one in the smartphone trade in process is Search. Look up your smartphone model details and see how much cash there is locked inside. Our Price Promise guarantees that the price you see on our site is the price you’ll get, as long as the phone you’re trading in is as described.

The next step is Sell, which is a simple and quick process where you enter all of your particulars, like name, address, model of phone and IMEI number to create an official transaction. If you’re not sure of your IMEI number, either look behind the battery (it usually has a barcode next to it) or simply type *#06# into your keypad and the 15 digit number will come up.

Then it’s just a case of Sending it to us in one of our complimentary freepost sales packs and that’s it!. All that’s left to do is check your emails for our confirmation of receipt and verification of your smartphone trade in and wait the short time it takes for us to transfer your cash!

Easy & Stress Free

Now, you might be able to get a few more pounds on the selling price doing it privately and even that’s not entirely guaranteed. Then there’s the fact that you’ll have to take pictures, write a description, deal with all of the queries and that’s if it meets the reserve price on an online auction site. Also, it can take weeks to accomplish, as the average length of an Ebay auction is a whopping 10 days.

Get in Touch

If you fancy doing something good for your bank account balance, then come and take a look at our website There you’ll find lots of information about us, what we do and how we’ve paid out literally millions of pounds in trade in cash to people all across the UK. You’ll also find answers to lots of frequently asked questions about searching, selling and sending your trade in phones with us.

If you need any further assistance, you can call our friendly experts on 020 3581 1991 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. What they don’t know about smartphone technology just isn’t worth knowing!

We thank you for reading our blog. We hope that it has gone some way to making you realise that trading in your old smartphone is well worth the effort and that it’s far easier than you might think.

We’ll see you again  next time. Frequently Asked Questions Volume 2

At, we get asked an awful lot of questions about trading in smartphones – something more than a million customers have done with us to date. There were simply too many to include in just one blog, so, in order to make the whole process of unlocking the value in your old tech, we’ve put together volume 2 of the answers to our frequently asked questions.

So, without further delay, let’s get stuck into the most popular questions our customers are asking.

“How soon after sending my trade in smartphone to you, do I get paid?”

Well, if you chose to receive your payment via bank transfer, you’ll get your money that very same day. You just have to wait until we’ve verified that your smartphone meets the network and condition criteria under which it was sold. If however you chose the Cheque option, it will be processed and sent in 1-2 days.

“What exactly IS an IMEI number?”

Every single mobile device in existence has its own unique serial number with which it can be identified. It’s typically 15 digits long and if you want to find yours, simply enter *#06# on your keypad and it will be displayed on your phone’s screen. Alternatively, if your phone model allows it, you can find it printed behind the battery or in the case of an iPhone, it could be on the SIM gate.

“How is the activation lock deactivated on my iPhone?”

On iPhones with an iOS7 or newer operating system, an activation lock is something that will render a device useless to anyone else. To deactivate it before you send it to us, access your general settings menu and select RESET. You’ll be asked to confirm by entering your Apple id password and once you do, all your personal settings will be erased.

“How do I know when you’ve received my smartphone?”

When our team receives your phone, we send you an email to confirm the fact. If you’ve paid extra for special delivery, you can track it on its route to us. However, you can rest assured that the moment we get it, we’ll let you know.

“How do I get hold of a smartphone trade in sales pack?”

As soon as you’ve completed the sale on our website, we’ll dispatch your sales pack, which will typically take anywhere between 1 and 3 days to get to you. If after that time it still hasn’t arrived, call us and we’ll send you another.

Come and Check us Out!

At, we do everything we can to make the process of trading in your old phone as easy and stress free as we can. If you want to see the full list of FAQs or find out more about the trade in services we offer, you should visit our website or to discuss your options with one of our helpful team, call us now on 020 3581 1991. Thanks for reading. We hope you’ve found the information in our blog helpful in releasing the funds trapped in your old tech.

To Trade in or To Sell? – That Is The Question

Smartphones are getting more and more sophisticated every day and as a result, people in the United Kingdom are changing their old iPhones and Samsung Galaxy tech ever 2 to 4 years. Most often this occurs at the end of a monthly phone contract, when the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 that came with it, becomes yours.

Whether getting a new iPhone X on a new contract or an upgrade, the question naturally arises – what to do with your old smartphone? Trade in or sell it privately? Here we take a look at why trading in your old iPhone is often the best way forwards.

No Guarantees

Selling your old smartphone on an online marketplace website like Ebay can be a tempting proposition, but there’s a lot of competition to get a good price and you could end up getting much less than market value – even if you’re talking about a relatively new Samsung or Apple Smartphone.

There’s also no guarantee that you’ll get a bid for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy if you do set a reserve price, and if you set it low and someone meets it – you’ll be obliged to sell it at that low price. There’s no getting around the fact that Ebay is an auction site and selling your smartphone at an auction is risky!

Time Consuming

When you trade in a smartphone with a company like ours, it’s a pretty instant thing. You send it, we verify it and you get paid. It’s that simple. Listing on an auction site means having to fill everything out, take pictures and wait the allotted time for the auction to end. This is averagely about a week, which means waiting even longer to get your money.


You get a set amount when you trade in a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone with us, with no nasty surprises further down the line thanks to our price promise. The amount you get when your old smartphone sells for on sites like Ebay is not the same amount you’ll have paid into your bank. They take a full 10%, which is a hefty sum when you’re talking about a selling price of hundreds of pounds.


Selling privately means that you’ll be resetting your iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S6 yourself and it’s fairly common knowledge that smartphones that have been through a factory reset can still be hacked with the right equipment and the will to do so. Trading in a smartphone is a secure way to ensure that it’s wiped properly with our specially designed flashing software, so it won’t come back to bite you in the future.

Trade In is King! So, when it comes down to it, trading in your old smartphone is the best, safest and quickest way to getting at the cash inside. It’s simple, it’s easy and we even pay the postage for you. What’s not to like? If you’d like find out more about trading your old iPhone or Samsung Galaxy with us, visit us online at or call us now on 020 3581 1991 between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday.

Sell Your Apple Devices To

Planning to sell your apple devices? Selling your device can be an extremely tiring task and if you want to save your time and effort, you can consider our services. We, at tradein buy your iPhone, iPad, and iPods at the best market rate. With our services, you will be able to get the best deal in town. Our major services include:

1.      High customer satisfaction level:

The customers who have used our facilities are highly satisfied with us. We are working day and night to facilitate them in selling their phones. We know that it is difficult to take time out for this task which is why we have created an easy option that can be utilised. You can sell your iPhone, iPod or iPad to us by following a simple procedure. The first step of the procedure includes searching the model of your device on our website. After finding that model, you will be able to sell it. The procedure will be completed after you send your phone to us. We also have a service for this purpose, which is free.

2.      Acceptance of damaged devices:

If you have a damaged or broken apple device, do not worry about it. We also accept damaged devices. All you have to do is to contact us and let us know about the specifications or present condition of the device. Due to this service, you will not have to throw it. We will examine your device and let you know about the price.

3.      Free posting service:

The procedure we follow includes a step in which you have to send us the device, be it a phone or tablet. This can be sent with the help of the free postage service we are providing to facilitate our customers. You can use a post bag or a post label to complete the process.

4.      Convenient payment:

Another thing that we covered includes the ease of payment. Often when you get involved in selling or buying of your phone, you have to go through different payment issues. However, with the services provided by tradein, you will be able to process payments through easy and simple options.

The main payment options that we offer include payment through bank transfers or cheques. All you have to do is to enter your name and we will prepare a cheque for that. As far as the bank transfers are concerned, you have to provide us with the details of your bank account number and we will directly pay you. The payment options can be changed if the payments are not processed.

Selling your iPhone, iPad and iPod was never this easy. We are providing our customers with the best facilities so they can sell their devices with convenience. Avail our services and get the best out of it.

Make the most of emoji on your iPhone

If you use your smartphone for messaging the chances are you’ll have seen some of your friends, family and loved ones include small pictures of faces with certain expressions within the body of their text.



This is particularly likely to be the case if you have younger people in your network – but what are these small icons and where do they come from?

What does emoji even mean?

Emoji are occasionally referred to as emojis, but emoji is technically a plural noun. In either case, they refer to the small ideogram smiley faces that are used in messages and sometimes on websites.

They are sometimes referred to as emoticons, but emoji more specifically refers to an Anglicised version of the Japanese words for ‘picture’ and ‘character’.

Emoji are very widespread in Japanese culture and their use has spread around the world through many electronic devices over the years.

Are emoji and emoticons different?

Emoticon typically refers to smiley faces used in text messages, which some smartphones and apps convert into a face graphic.

Emoji are slightly different in that they exist as graphics inserted from a special keyboard while composing a message.

As a result of this simple technical difference, there are many more emoji than there are emoticons – and on devices such as iPhones and iPads they have become standard images.

Many emoji retain the Japanese flavour of their origins, for example Japanese foods, animals and characters. Some images do not even translate into an Anglicised equivalent.

New emoji

With each major firmware update, Apple often introduces new sets of emoji for iPhone and iPad users.

The release of iOS 10.2 in December 2016 brought a total of 72 new emoji characters, with an emphasis on job and equal-gender emoji. For instance, emoji that used to be represented by a male character – such as the scientist or firefighter – have been given a female counterpart.

Other emoji include new animals such as a shark, an eagle and a gorilla, while others have been given a slight redesign.


Another feature smartphone users have access to are stickers – and these were introduced by Apple a few days after the initial release of iOS 10.

These are more sophisticated graphics than emoji but can be used in a similar way – and many of them are even animated. They are available alongside apps on the App Store and have often been used to help promote major new releases.

For example there are Super Mario themed stickers that launched alongside the Super Mario Run app, based on Nintendo’s popular video game character.

Trade in – The Process

Use the search box and categories to find your model of iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple Watch.

Choose your the device condition & network & then simply add it to your basket.

Place your order using your Username & Password, or register for an account with us.

Please ensure that:

A – Your name and address is correctly spelt (otherwise your payment will go to the wrong person/place!)

B – You’ve added the correct mobile phone details. So that we can keep you updated on your order.

C – Please make sure you enter the correct bank details.

Once your order has been placed, then we will send you a FREEPOST JIFFY bag and an information leaflet within 24 hours with information on how to safely post your item and all the methods that you can use to insure and track your device back to us. Please note, we are not responsible for device that go missing in the post!

Post your jiffy bag back using the postage method that suits your needs.

Once we receive that we’ll let you know via email and text. We’ll then proceed to test your handset . If your handset meets the requirements for the condition you chose for that handset then we’ll proceed with your payment the same day. If the handset arrives in a different condition than specified on the order form then we will email you with our amended offer. You have 7 days to accept or decline the offer. If you’re not happy with our offer you can request for the handset to be returned to you free of charge.

Please note, if you do not reply to us within 7 days then we will process the order for the amount specified on the revised offer.

Contacts Us Page:
If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help.


We will then send you your money via bank transfer or we will post you your cheque!

You can spend your money!