Your Pack and Send Guide includes: Packing Check List.

All you need to do is follow the 4 simple steps below...

Please remove your iCloud or Samsung account from your device

Pop your stuff into a box, any will do!

Attach your label(s) to your box(es).

Take your stuff to the Post Office.


Pack your items into a sturdy cardboard box (i.e. no bags or cereal boxes).

Ensure your items are secure and wrapped.

Make sure your box weighs no more than 5kg.

Make sure all your CDs, DVDs & Games include original cases and artwork.

Seal your box with tape so the contents are secure.

Attach your FREE POST label.

Keep the send receipt given to you by the Post Office. This contains your tracking number.

Remove any personal files and data from any Mobile Phone or Tablet (see below).

Please note: If you’re sending multiple boxes, please pack them separately and attach the relevant label to each box


Please delete any personal files and data from your device before sending it!

This includes music, contacts, apps and any security features. For more info on removing your account

from your device, go to or

Remember: if your phone is locked to an iCloud or Samsung account, we won’t be able to pay for it until it has been unlocked. Please check before sending!