Welcome to Trade in Wholesale

Trade in Wholesale offers trade accounts the ability to buy in bulk from our us. We send out weekly lists and offers tailored to what you would like to see. Unlike other wholesalers of used media, we allow you to cherry pick from our title offering too.

We also supply a number of retailers (both traditional high street and non-traditional retail stores) with our ‘Pre-Owned, Refurbished and Fully Guaranteed’ range of products, allowing you to give your customers great value for money with low impulse price point stock. 

We can offer a full service on this product including price stickers and generic back barcoding, as well as display solutions such as metal stands and cardboard display units.

We also offer a varied range of Tech products such as Mobile Phones, Games Consoles, Tablets, iPods and Kindles at competitive prices.


Please contact us with any questions and for example lists and ranges.

phone: 020 3581 1991